Daylight Is Not Far Away 

Excellent thoughts Peter… great focus.


He lived between light and dark and amongst

All the skin shades known to man .

You could say he lived because he was kinda like

Everyman among humanity .

Part Native , part Irish , part Scottish and part

Asian . There was a hint of Mid East too .

And definitely a bit of Italiano .

So in all those homes and many others he resided in ,

He awoke , worked , conversed , partied and went to sleep .

He did it all again the next day and the next and the day after that .

Somewhere , daylight is not far away .

Light and a sunrise across a mountain sky .

Or across the ocean with waves washing the sand .

Or across a dryland crying for rain ,

Or in the skyscraper , talking deals ,

In cyberspace where time zones mean nothing

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Woodcarvings of The Past

Welcome  Thank you all for the response and the welcome back, you are amazing. Quigley is wiggling at the thought of each of you stopping in and resting a while in a familiar place. Good to have you gather again and listen to the banter that runs through this mind running full steam ahead. Better … Continue reading Woodcarvings of The Past