Welcome as Always


Welcome to The New 

Today I started a new domain I have pulled out of the hat set aside for writing what I hope will interest you. The Fireside Chat will remain much the same, a place to express thoughts of the day passing them along as they come into words.

If you are a WordPress expert your opinions and thoughts will be of great help. So please settle in and lets have a chat. The subject today is all about spring and the change we not only witness outside but the change we see in people.

Please find a place to settle down, the fire is softly flickering in the background and soft music from Whisperings Piano Radio plays in the background. Help yourself to coffee, tea anything you like. The Fireside is your home as well as mine… know that you are loved and respected here.

Have you Noticed 

How hearts are softened at the new awakenings of life around. Yes of course new babies, puppies and kittens can do that to us. I am referring to the lighthearted hearts we see walking on paths within our neighbourhoods. Even out on the wilderness trails along the river people are smiling, happy and eager to grasp a piece of the change happening. It is so refreshing to see the start of something new and exciting again.  Look at this picture, does it not warm the heart in hope of something better.


Please Share 

Feel free to share your thoughts here and come along on my personal journeys through the next season in life. I suppose the next thing will be to get the spring yard work completed. Once done then it will be taking the time to enjoy the other aspects of summer. Here in Alberta Canada winter started for us in mid October of last year. Not that we are complaining but it is so nice to see grass again. Even my noisy Robin who just returned lives outside my window is a pleasure… yes even at 4:30 in the morning when she decides to announce the day.

I have noticed a change in pets as well. Quigley my dog lives in a small town, we break all the rules and the only time she is on a leash is near a roadway. On the trails she has so many new smells, meets so many of her old dog buddies and is always interested in meeting people. Pets are a great way to meet new people are they not. It is much like sharing a meal, everyone is on common ground.

In Closing 

As I have said you are more than welcome here and your comments even more so. Please leave a thought and hopefully I can find and learn from your success and hard work…. Blessing and Hugs

© Rolly A. Chabot

2 thoughts on “Welcome as Always

  1. Wonderful to see this new domain from you, Rolly! I’m writing you a private note with my feedback and am so happy to see you continuing to grow – which we all must do in life to be our best selves ♥ For a future post, would you be able to tell us more about Quigley? Or about what the typical Spring is like in Alberta? We’d love to know! BIG hugs xo


    1. Hi Christy… Thank you for the valuable feedback and your request on more information on Quigley. I will post something shortly and as well attempt to answer your question in regards to what Spring is like here. Again thank you for settling into the new Fireside.

      Hugs attached (Mars included)

      Liked by 1 person

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