Sharing With Others is Important


Just like always a warm welcome to all who have stopped by the Fireside. It is always a gift to find you here. Thank you all for stopping by and saying hello and may you leave some love and take some away with you.
I was reminded today of something by a dear friend and the importance of sharing with each other our true feelings. I suppose the question is why we fail to do so as often as we should and it is the reason I have decided to write on this tonight. A shorty but I do hope it moves you to think about all your relationships.
Gather around, I know it is late but there is an array of goodies, Coffee with creme and sugar on the side, tea herbal and regular and of course Diet Coke. Help yourself curl up in the chair and soak in the last of the heat coming from the Fireside.

Quiet Place to Talk 


When was the last time you heard the words coming from the heart of another that spoke “I Love You” with true and meaningful commitment. When was the last time you spoke them to another and truly meant them. Today we are all so caught up in our daily lives we sometimes fail to see our greatest reason for living right under our noses.
There are many different kinds of feeling we can express to each other and yet the word love carries the greatest meaning. I have become a modern man in many ways. Back when I was younger a man would never say to another I love you man. Yet today we hear it, I say it and I do so in such a way it often impacts the listener showing he is a valued friend.
I have had some great people come and go from my life. Some have just been there for a moment in time and yet others for long periods. Can I love them male and female alike and share with them the whys. You bet I can and you bet I do. When I speak it I speak it with meaning and trust it is received as truth.


The Need 

We have all had someone in life whom we have lost through death or separation of one sort or another. We have all missed the chance to say goodbye and have them leave without hearing the words we regret never speaking.
As I look around all who gather here I have no problem saying you matter to me and matter to the many you stop in to say hello today, tomorrow and beyond.  We are community and the common ground we have is writing and sharing. Can there be rough waters here in this community. Of course, there are a few I have come across I would never allow to enter and leave a comment because of past dealings. They have had their chance and will not have another because of the pain and trust that has been lost. Can I like others forgive, certainly but it does not mean I will stand and watch the abuse start all over again. Why you may ask? Because there has been no repentance or accepting ownership, it simply a way of life for them.
Trust is a time tested way of telling if love and caring are real. It is something that has taken years to learn and something to not be casually thrown away. It takes time to build relationships and at the end of the day when we leave this world it is all that matters because relationships and their meanings are all we take with us.

Picture This 


A young man has left home in anger towards his wife or child. A older man the same with his wife. Maybe even the other way around.
As they are driving to work the unspeakable happens there is a terrible accident and they slowly pass away. What are the thoughts going through their minds. I can tell you what mine would be. I would be wanting to say I’m sorry. Then what of the news that come to the loved ones left behind. Consider their feeling at not only the loss but the bitter words spoken.
I beg of each of you to never need to go through such a thing. To avoid it speak what is on your heart and do so with a heart that speaks the truth. Speak it with a new conviction understanding it may be the last chance you have. There is a great peace in sharing your true feelings with others.
I heard those words today, words of caring, words of meaning and words I hold dear to my heart. Not only be a good listener but be a better speaker of your feelings. The benefits and understanding of what we take inside outweigh never saying a word.

© Rolly A. Chabot

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