Spring in Alberta

By Request 

Spring Sunrise 

I have had a question posed to me in regards to attempting to explain what spring is like here in the western Province of Alberta by a dear friend and successful writer Christy in the next Province to the West.

Before I answer I would love to have you slip over and read what this talented writer has on her blog at http:/poeticparfiat.com as well take a peek at the reviews on her latest book of poetry Versions of Self on her site and as well as on Amazon.com it truly is inspirational.

So back to the weather which seems to be the topic these days in these parts anyway. It is great to see people out walking and enjoying the warmth and the sun. Anyone who lives in this area has two standing rules. “Never put the snow shovel away till after the end of June.” The other is unrelated but important you know should you ever visit. “Alway keep your vehicle locked during Zucchini season. Trust me or you will be well supplied Summer Santa.”

We have fairly long winters here, they start in early October and generally speaking as we are now pretty much snow free with the exception of shaded areas. The ground has just now started to thaw and I do have some hearty perennials starting to peek out. I have two apple trees in my yard along with several flowering shrubs, they as well are beginning to show sign of buds waking up. The grass is still all brown of course even though I have a healthy lawn come summer.

It Will Be Green Soon

I am impressed it looks like a little green starting.

Unlike the British Columbia Coast and Vancouver Island we will be a long way off to having flowers and flowering plum trees starting their stunning display.

I will probably do all my spring yard work in a few days. Core Aeration, de-thatching and waking the grass up with a light application of fertilizer. Mother nature is my irrigation system and we will be getting some of those long showers with bursts of heat.

Of course many of the song birds are back, I can hear them all over the back yard and while out hiking. A huge flock of Trumpeter Swans make a low pass over my house yesterday. They are a treat to watch so graceful and certainly talking up a conversation as they passed.

All in all spring we think has arrived and yes we will likely have a few of those ugly freak storms that come through. Snow tires will remain on for a while yet in case.

Longer Days 

If I were asked to pick a season as being the favourite I would have to say spring. After many months of short days and little sun at times it is nice to watch the earth slowly awaken from its winter rest. Like always in the farming community in and around here we look forward to seeing fields covered in crops. We appreciate all the farming community does as they work long hard hours to feed us. Give the boys and gals a wave as you pass to show your appreciation.

If you are ever through be sure and stop in and say hello. Pick the right day and I may have a little work for you. Plans are this year to plant 6-8 Siberian Larch in the back yard. Just in case you forget your shovel I have several.

Coffee is always on and yes Christy I think I can rustle up a few Mars Bars.

Hugs to all …

ç Rolly A. Chabot


6 thoughts on “Spring in Alberta

  1. Whew – winters are looong where you are. I LOVE spring – after the dormant winter…it’s nice to see. 🙂 Of course, our winters down here in the southern part of the US are 4 months long, but they’re 4 months of drizzle, clouds, high humidity and wind. There’s often snow mixed in. I like to say that I tolerate winter in appreciation – great appreciation – of the other seasons. Hehehe. Glad it’s starting to warm up there, though. I didn’t know apple trees grew that far north, but then again, those things are really hardy. 🙂
    Wonderful read. I hope you have a wonderful week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for stopping Cynthia… always a pleasure. I just got the site up and running yesterday. Yes we do have apple trees, they are a smaller variety called Northwestern’s a little tart but they do make a mean pie. I spent 3 months in that sort of climate the winter before and found it rather depressing but the scenery on the good days was amazing right next to the ocean… Hugs


  2. Ah, spring! I am so glad you wrote this post so that I could learn more about the climate to the immediate right of where I am ~ It’s a beautiful part of the country where you live, Rolly! I can see you doing yard work and smiling during your favorite season. You describe the landscape well and the changing over of the seasons. Now wonder you are an accomplished author with writing like this! Thank you for the mention too, so unexpected, and what a pleasant way to start the day xx


  3. Hi Christy… you are so welcome and well worth the mention of you accomplishments… I love the fact that I can reference my library and find something when needed. Your writing of Pathways to Illumination so closely follows the seasons fo nature and yes our lives. Inspirational in so many ways… Thank you for the comment… smothered in chocolate hugs back at you… xoxo Me


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