Wilderness of The Heart


Please do gather around and get comfy on this chilly wet and blustery day that seems to have crept in overnight. Listening to the forecast we were told it was coming and yet I was hoping not. I was over in a neighbouring town today getting an oil change of the Dodge Dart. The dealership where I bought it has looked after all the service since day one. Of course for another 27,000  They would love to sell me a new one.

Please settle in and lets chat about something that has been weighing heavy on my heart of late. This is a place where you are going to be loved and there will always be an assortment of hugs, hopefully to suit the need of the day.


Why the heart you may ask… It is that place you and I only know of… the secret and well hidden places we all have…

As you may or may not be aware I am a Christian, actually an ordained Pastor whom over the years have seen and heard many of the issues with lack of self esteem. That same self esteem so very much becomes the driving force of who we portray ourselves as being.

Can I say that we are lying to ourselves and others when someone asks how we are doing. Our natural response is “Great” or “Never been better.” Such may be the case in a very rare occasion but in reality we walk away from that same conversation with a dark cloud hanging over us. Some people will ask as a general question and have no real concern over the answer. Some though will place a hand on your shoulder and ask with genuine concern with your well being in mind.

Fail to answer in the same genuine way with the truth and you have missed the chance of being consoled with knowing someone actually cares. So I would have to ask why we give that direct answer… I am doing great, never been better way of deflecting the truth.

Be still for a moment and look and consider the heart… I mean really consider it. Its purpose is to live healthy, too work keeping us alive as it is called to do. I think the heart is the very being within ourselves that touches that deep hidden place only we can reflect and understand. Consider the heart as being completely open and honest with itself. Now place a rock or scale over that particular place only you are allowed to hold and you guard it to the fullest. Do you not think that same place is one that no one else can touch.

Now consider it from a Biblical view… what is he saying now may be the question. The first picture is a pile of rock, unlike many we see here on the prairies. Now lets consider turning that area of the heart to rock. It may be but a small place but it is an area we have decided to close off to the world. Do you think we will ever find peace in that place as long as we protect it…. Not likely.

Our inner most feelings are covered in a shroud of fog and untouchable to and open dialogue with anyone but ourselves.


Is there a magic bullet, of course not but that same person you have shared with may have a solution to the struggle you share. You never can tell maybe it is something they have been through.

Ever so often I encourage people to share their very own personal feelings… I do believe in the saying the truth will set you free. The next time you are asked “How are you doing.” Be honest if you trust that same person. Allow that same person to hear the plea of your heart. Bare the soul I suppose, it is a true test of if they actually and truly believe in you. If nothing else you walk away knowing that you have shared.

Ok without tooting my own horn I have sat in a room of students struggling with all sorts of things. It still amazes me the number of people who come forward sharing their addictions, and their hurts etc just how true they ring in my own life. They may be well off my radar in a extending help but the life skills I have are invaluable. If not well they have learned the basic skill of sharing the truth. Those few words they speak and the few I offer back hopefully will make an impact on their lives. If nothing else they show that I care and love them… warts and all… we share the same warts really.


What halts the process of life… it can be a number of things and I accept them all as being it is not the right time. Can the image above be one of total and complete healing process, can it bring peace. The blows life can give can be brutal, is there areas we can use a little work in. I will leave you with that question to answer yourself.

I have no idea where you are in the greater scheme of things… what can I do other than pray for you in private, a powerful tool I have been granted to exercise is if nothing else it is an awesome avenue where we can be connected in one way or another. Reach into your life, that secret place that you have shared and my response would be that my prayers will be heard.

Please reach out today… hugs and plenty of love extended… here you are valued as that reflection I see… test the water… you never can tell your struggle may be the same as I have been through or many others have… Just reach out and please be honest..reach out to someone you know and trust…  Hugs to all with much love.

© Rolly A. Chabot





2 thoughts on “Wilderness of The Heart

  1. You’re right Rolly that many people ask “how are you?” and don’t really want to hear the real answer.. to say “horrible” would be likely to shock someone! It is a busy world but we have to make time to have genuine connections.. connections of the heart ♥ A motivating read, dear friend


    1. Hi Christy… Thanks for the comment and yes life without connections can be very lonely. I know it can be hard to share struggles at times yet the rewards are many when the response is to have another come alongside. The journey becomes easier…

      Hugs from Alberta

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