Tenkara Fly Fishing


What is Tenkara in comparison to modern day Fly Fishing… I think this is the best explanation I have found…

Tenkara fly fishing (Japanese: テンカラ, literally: “from heaven”, or “from the skies”) is a traditional type of fishing practiced in Japan that should not be confused with fly fishing. Primarily used for mountain stream trout fishing, tenkara is one of the most popular methods of angling among fresh-water mountain anglers in Japan.

Tenkara was largely unknown outside Japan until 2009, when the company Tenkara USA, founded by Daniel Galhardo introduced and popularized tenkara outside Japan.[1]

Rather than paying out yards of line in the traditional Fly Fishing method this is so simple and very effective. I have read all about the methods and watched countless videos and today I ordered a top of the line complete system.

I would consider that to be fair warning for any unsuspecting fish that I may be in your neighbourhood. Have no fear as I will always let you go after you have been caught and I will do so in a loving and caring way as to not harm you.

I never tire of watching this man at the art of fly fishing. I would classify him as being one of the best I have ever seen. Watch the control he has over several yards of line and the deadly accuracy he maintains in his delivery. Truly a master at the art…

A look at the simplicity of the Tenkara system automatically attracts the love of the sport. As we are approaching the 2017 season of stream, river and yes even lake fishing this method warms the heart, In Canada we have many options and many species which both fly fishing and now Tenkara would be appealing.

One of which is the Northern Pike, not known really for its ability or attraction to a fly can be a great alternative. They are very aggressive in and around weed beds. They can be of any size really. I have taken a 22 pound pike on a light fly rod. If you are looking for action then this is the fish of choice.

As you can see from the video they are an amazing game fish and certainly one to go after. They are especially aggressive in the spring. I tie my own flies, mainly very colourful and depending on the colour the fish will go after them readily.

For the fishing enthusiast this is a very attractive way of fishing… tight lunes to you my friends and for those that care to just watch well you will find me at some remote stream, river or lake. If you call I will be on the other line… sorry if I do not answer right away…

Hugs as always

© Rolly A. Chabot

3 thoughts on “Tenkara Fly Fishing

  1. Hi Rolly, fascinating to learn about this world that is so different than my day-to-day life. I am a fish enthusiast but only in the form of eating, not catching 😉 Great to learn about tenkara fly fishing through you post, with the addition of videos. Your website is really coming along ~ you’re writing up a storm! 🙂


  2. Hi Christy… as always thank you for the kind words they are greatly appreciated. Smiles… ok a deal… I will catch them and cook you a real outdoor meal. Catching is easy, cooking even better. A nice fire, frypan, lots of butter, lemon shavings salt and pepper and just like that fit for a Queen.

    Hugs as always


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