Alberta’s Hidden Secrets


Streams, Rivers and Waterways 

They all team with life not mater if you are beside, upon or under them life is all around. For the outdoors person, sports enthusiast or leisurely hikers there is a little for everyone.


Adventurist’s Are Welcome 

This little gem was found after studying a topographical map of the area I was hiking. I had often fished the fast mountain stream coming from here. Glacial waters with many springs feeding it. I was after getting to the source in hopes of finding larger fish. Several hours of hard terrain opened into the scene. Within minutes I had found what I was looking for, yes fish and yes much bigger fish.


Photo Opportunities 

They are all around should you care to carry a camera. This little gem was found in a central Alberta city. The old main street has some of the most unique shops. It has personality and it is a place where each proprietor greets you as an old friend. He always has the time to chat about life in general. If you care for the larger stores they are there as well but in the newer developments.

DSC00033 (1)

Hiking Heaven 

This is atop Sunshine Mountain a popular winter ski area. Come summer and there are vast meadows of some very rare wildflowers. The mountains in the background are the dividing barrier which spans to our neighbouring Province of British Columbia. They are a climbers paradise with vistas which will take your breath away.


Mixed Farming 

I would be remiss if I failed to mention mile after mile of farm land. We have large cattle operations as well. It is thanks to these hard working people we all get to eat. Take the time when driving down the highway to give a friendly wave to the man who spends endless hours working his fields. They always have been the mainstay of our Province.


Breeding Stock 

Although becoming harder to find we have a few dedicated horse breeders who still have the cowboy way of life. It is a place where the simple things in life matter the most. Faith, family and a good hard days work all contribute to breeding some of the finest animals.



Stunning Sunsets 

Yes like most people we have them but we are partial to those late fall sunsets when the farmers are out working their fields. The setting sun captures the dust particles and turns the sky to fire. Find a vantage point and start snapping as they are beautiful.


Thunder Storms 

We have them and they are usually spectacular in the power. It is during them you come to realize just how small you are in the greater picture. Nature has a power unmatched by man. She can be kind one minute and the next humble you. The lay of the land where I live has created a strange phenomena really. I can see the storms rolling in and a few miles from where I live they split North or South. They are a sight to see.

Travel Alberta 

This video will give you a good idea of what all we have to offer. Whatever you do please to not pass without saying hello. The coffee is always on and should you be a bit chilly well the Fireside is always open…

Hugs to all…

© Rolly A. Chabot

7 thoughts on “Alberta’s Hidden Secrets

  1. Beautiful post, Rolly!

    I’ve never been to Alberta but am at least a little familiar with beautiful BC and their mountainous skyscapes. I especially love the pics of the little white chapel and the horses.

    Whatever the country, those are a much-loved common ground for many of us.


  2. Wonderful photos and I’m learning secrets now (shhhh)!! I’m going to have to get to that Sunshine Mountain one day 🙂 Thanks for the insights and another great post! Hugs


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