Lost Moments in Time


Those Moments We Miss

Welcome as always to the Fireside and I do hope and trust this finds you well and relaxing a lazy Sunday away. Come gather around and let me start these two fingers to work in hopes of reminding us all to take the time.

Let me set the stage, in a large city on a walking path over a river I once had a lady stop and say hello. She told me how fortunate I was to I look at peace with the world around me. It was one of those days where time was limited and my dog was in a hurry to meet up with all his friends. I smiled at the lady and thanked her for her kind and thoughtful words.

I had a lingering question as I walked away. Maybe she was not having such a great day, maybe she just needed another person to speak with. Several reasons came to mind as I turned and she had blended into the many people out walking that day. It was her eyes and the way she carried herself that has left me to wondering all these years, had I missed an opportunity to hear of a need or a particular struggle she may have been having. Could I have offered a word of encouragement…


Her Needs 

As we go through life we all have those moments when we reach out to a total stranger. The conversation can start with a comment about the weather, the pet you are walking, most often the smile you or the other person offers. In this case there was no smile, her frame showed she carried a heavy load. Her continence simply put appeared as she was carrying a massive load. Could I have done anything or said anything to help lighten her load.

My Dad was a great mentor for reaching out to people and never appeared to be prying into their personal life. He just had that way of attracting people. We as a family would lose him in a crowd. Sure enough backtrack and there he would be standing talking to a total stranger.

He and Mom would travel a great deal in the summer pulling their little trailer and just be camping. I recall once arranging to meet them in a small campground late in the fall. When I arrived I found their unit to be the only one parked, several Harley’s parked at odd angles. Here was my Dad teaching some rather rough looking bikers the art of playing Bouche Ball. Mom was in the trailer making coffee and passing out cookies.

What was funny as the bikers watched me riding my own motorcycle in they started to posture towards me the intruder. At the end of the day they were great people and loved Mom and Dad and could not thank them enough.


Something to Be Said

Really there is if we take the time to listen, follow that inner small voice that speaks to us. That voice that prompts us to stop and care about others as we are called to do. I know and understand the reluctance and yes fear we have about trusting others. Our media and the broadcasts we see and hear have instilled that into us.

That initial smile will open doors, sometimes we just have to let the fear fade into the background along with the busy lives we all have. Maybe it is time to once again become attentive caring humans … May you find the strength and courage to return that smile answer it with a smile in return. You just never can tell what can become of that encounter.

Hugs as always from the Fireside… know that you are loved…


© Rolly A. Chabot

2 thoughts on “Lost Moments in Time

  1. It’s interesting to think that a conversation with a stranger could set either of our lives onto a different path.. and your words are a gentle reminder to be open to new experiences. Great writing, Rolly. Hugs


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