cropped-dsc000551.jpgBorn and raised in Alberta, Canada. I ventured to the far north as a young adult and sought a life of adventure. I have lived in some of the most remote wilderness known to man, complete isolation with access only by helicopter. My only companion was my faithful rescue dog named Tannis. Her name was derived from the Cree Language, it’s meaning “Little Girl.” Small is stature but lived a life of no fear.
Many adventures were recorded in my first 7 books. A series I called “Quiet Reflections.” I since have completed an additional 15, with yet another 6 ready for edit. Each are full length Christian/Fiction novels with the average word count of 60,000 plus.
Today that wilderness and adventure life is but a memory as I have settled in small town Alberta.
Reality is what dreams are made of, but never give up on your dreams. What I could once do, reality is I make the best of what I can do now.