Meet Miss Quigley.. As a Youngster 


She is a Cuban Breed called Havanese, they are none allergenic, never shed. They will grow to about the same size as a Shih Tzu. Why Quigley you may ask? Simple there were two making the decision and I suppose it was a win win situation. May not be a girl name but she loves it, so it stuck.

Being so small there was this thing called a stairway she had to learn to maneuver. It took a few days but she soon learned. The better part of the day was spent in the fully developed basement as it is where my studio is and all the entertainment and media. Milk bones work wonders on a growing dog.

After two months I started to notice a limp in her leg leg. I took her to the vet and she was diagnosed with an under developed growth plate on the main joint of her leg. The breeder had guaranteed her and by this time Quigley was a part of the home. The vet gave the option to remove the leg. I said I wanted to wait. She has become so used to the leg bending off slightly. Should she over exercise I do have some anti inflammatory medication.

Absolute Cruelty 


Like girls and guys when they get married family always seem to find those embarrassing moments and they have to be shown. I am getting a dirty look right now. The first bath before the first haircut so it was a must. This is her pouty look and the one she uses for all occasions where she is so hard done by.


Running was a part of life as she started to grow. She does love her walks in the country and along the river valley. The magic word is truck ride. Since I bought the sail boat that is like home on the water. She just loves her boat rides and of course has to kiss each fish I catch before I let it go.


She sometimes is just a little slow finding a treat that I have stuck on her or hidden. This would be another of those wedding pictures people and in her case she hates. “I know he has a marshmallow, I know cause I can smell it.” The hunt lasted a few minutes, if she had a mean bone in her body this would be one of the tricks where she would have every right to take a nip at me. This one was taken at the cabin which she just loves, her brothers and sisters the wolves howl all night and she is right at home.


She does have her moments for the camera and this was one. I can tell you she is the most loving dog with little people when they come to visit. I suppose it is because they are more her size. Should they leave a toy or something on the floor for too long she claims it as hers. The only way I can get it back is with a bribe.

So there you go you have met Quigley the little girl with the boys name.

© Rolly A. Chabot